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    搜索 解放軍報

    China strengthens judicial assistance for veterans in difficulties

    來源:Xinhuanet責任編輯:Chen Lufan
    2021-01-06 21:11

    BEIJING -- Chinese authorities have ordered strengthened efforts to provide necessary assistance and help for military veterans during judicial proceedings if they are facing difficulties.

    According to a circular jointly issued by six authorities including the Commission for Political and Legal Affairs of the Communist Party of China Central Committee and the Ministry of Veterans Affairs, such measures are meant to effectively protect the veterans' legitimate rights and interests.

    Judicial and law enforcement authorities should provide necessary conveniences and legal services to the veterans who fall victim to criminal offenses or civil or administrative torts and face difficulties in life but are unable to get sufficient compensation, the circular said.

    It asked relevant agencies to open "green channels" for relevant people to get judicial assistance or legal aid.